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[Sarcasm Loves Company]

Is It Just Me Or Does Everything Suck?

Sarcasm Loves Company
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Is it just me or is everything shit? Express your woes against the world here!
Fed up with this 'celeb' obsessed world, can't stand TV ads anymore, want nothing more than to throw acid at the House of Lords, sick of glamour models and wags polluting our media with their 'opinions'?...Does the Big Brother theme make you want to poke your own eyes out or perhaps the headlines of the Sun make you wish bad grammar was punishable by death?! Then look no further, dear cynics, here is a safe haven where you may purge yourself of all your gripes, moans and whines! Bad language and grandiose metaphors most welcome! xD

1. Any photos/videos you find worthy of mockery and derision, please provide under a cut or through a link.
2. While this community supports all forms of cynicism and rants, we will not tolerate personal attacks on other members.
3. Rascism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, poor humour or sexually explicit material of any kind will result in immediate ejection from the community. Or if we can find you, a painful death. *smile*
4. No endorsement of Britney Spears. Or Paris Hilton, for that matter.
5. Feel free to disagree with a particular point of view but please express your opinions in a respectful and coherent manner, i.e. no 'OMG!1! YOU TOTALLY SUCK!!1!'

That will be all.
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